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A Professional Organizer works with people who are chronically disorganized.  Disorganization does not just mean a messy room, but rather a disorganization in thinking, processing, and simply completing tasks. Organizing Mentors teach the ADHD and EFD individual how to succeed. We help our client create a routine by planning daily and weekly schedules. ADHD individuals lack a sense of time. Understanding this,  we introduce skills and tools to increase one’s ability to manage time and to-do lists.  Some of our tools bring permanency in change for impulsivity, focusing, organizing and cognitive skills.

To further help students increase their grades we teach them better study habits and proper note taking skills.  Enhancing career stability and promotions can be achieved with our lessons on prioritizing and improved work habits. Most significantly our lesson modules are created to be customized and individualized for each person as no two people are alike. Lessons are progressive in nature, but growth is achieved when a client successfully implements the new changes one step at a time. Organizing Mentors help clients reach their personal best.

We provide personalized instruction based on each individuals' needs,
regardless if they struggled with poor habits or if they have learning difficulties.

Breakthrough individualized education with 1-to-1 organizing techniques and tools to mentor high school and college students as well as adults.

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