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Effects of COVID-19 and ADHD in Adults

Since Covid-19 began we are seeing reports of an uptick in adults reporting ADHD symptoms. Many are trying to find ways to get help for their challenges.

ADHD is associated with executive function skill tasks, so daily responsibilities such as keeping track of bills that need to be paid or prioritizing becomes very challenging.

Procrastination often increases setbacks in scheduling no matter how much an ADHD adult wants to stay on track.

Time Management is another obstacle for adults with ADHD. It’s not that they want to be late or keep people waiting, it’s the fact that they don’t have an internal clock to tell them how much time has passed.  In addition, not sensing a time frame combined with chronic disorganization leads an adult to interrupt oneself from one task to start another only to lead oneself way off schedule. This can also be attributed to how quickly an ADHD adult gets bored and gets stimulated by the excitement of task switching.

As we often see, either Mom or Dad have the ADHD and so do one or more of their children.  Trying to handle one’s own disorganization is only compounded by trying to keep everyone in the family on a schedule.  As parents struggle, so do the kids. The necessary guidance for homework help, getting the supplies they need to be on time for projects, getting to friends and appointments are constantly off schedule.

What can an adult ADHD do about all of this?

Part of the problem is based on one’s lack of ability to focus.

The great news is that there is a way to help adults (and children) increase their attention skills through brain exercises.  The better news is that the progress is measurable and sustainable.  Not only do you get an improved focus, executive function, and self-regulation skill set, you get to keep the progress.

OrganizeU4Life.com can customize an executive training plan for each family member. We will assess everyone’s needs and set up a unique profile for everyone to address the cognitive skills required for strong executive function and self-regulation.

All you need to do is make an appointment for a 15-minute free consultation.  https://app.squarespacescheduling.com/schedule.php…

In addition to our many techniques, OrganizeU4Life.com offers a FOCUS Assessment to help you know how your focus is affected.  Knowledge is the best way to improve one’s condition.

Please also read our Help Guide blog on some easy day-to-day time management hacks to get you on the road to your personal best.

-Take It From the Deb-Meister

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