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We Provide Adults with ADHD Organization Tools

We teach hands-on practical ways to filter out all the incoming distractions and focus better.

One Conversation Started it All

OrganizeU4Life was founded when I was challenged by a Mom who desperately wanted someone to work with her college-aged son.

“Can you teach my son how to keep his dorm room organized and by the way, how about teaching him some life management skills?” Her son’s diagnosis was ADHD.

Debbie Ginsberg
Debbie Ginsberg, CEO of OrganizeU4Life

That's When I Knew

After an in-depth Q&A with this mother, her confidence in my ability to help her son made accepting a no-brainer. Organization comes naturally to me and I’ve spent years building a business that helps all types of people get organized. but I knew that I needed to learn how to apply my skills to help adults with ADHD in order to help her son.

I spent a month completing in-depth research before beginning my one-on-one work with my upcoming college student. As a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO) and Institute for Challenging Disorganization (ICD), I had access to on-line courses to learn techniques that work well for people with ADHD. 

With my daughter-in-law’s encouragement to better understand how the ADHD brain works (she is in a doctoral program in neuropsychology) she told me precisely what to look for when studying. 

I read articles, books and listen to Psychologists podcasts on the subject of Adult ADHD organization challengs.  It is an incredible learning experience.

life changing techniques

Understanding Your Adult ADHD Organizational Challenges

Within the framework of teaching organizing and life management skills, we customize our program to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

We teach people how to create a schedule. It sounds simple, but creating a plan involves many in-depth techniques and lessons. Breaking a day’s challenges into small manageable chunks reduces the anxiety associated with beginning a new task. You also learn to minimize the distractions that come to play and often sabotage you and prevent you from completing your work.

How to Begin, How Long to Spend, and When to Stop

We teach you how to begin, how long to take on any single task, and when to stop.  The daily plan is based on what works best for each individual.  How much can be accomplished in a day often varies from person to person, which is perfectly fine since we aim to help our clients reach their personal best, not someone else’s. 

Once you have a workable schedule, you now have a routine to follow.  Although routines sound boring (at first), you’ll quickly learn that it leads to developing habits that help them remember what they are to do at any given moment in time.

Creating Change One Task at a Time

For every time slot that is filled, we teach our clients how to create the change.  Our process involves teaching life management skills that are often not thought about until the minutiae of each step are broken down into details.  

For instance, if you can’t get up in the morning, we rewind time to the night before.  What must happen, step-by-step, to make sure you have performed every task leading up to an hour of quiet time before actually going to bed.  

The steps can include;

  • Stopping all electronics at a specific time
  • Taking a shower
  • writing down what has to be done for the next day
  • taking medications
  • laying out clothes in advance
  • making lunch in advance

Then there’s the ‘how-to’ get out of bed in the morning. What types of alarms work best to wake a client up?  How to recognize that to be sitting at your desk in school or at work by 9 am, to calculate the time it takes to travel, pick up a cup of coffee, how to avoid distractions and how to take into account that public transportation isn’t always an on-time experience.  All of this is considered and worked into a schedule.

Play Attention Like Astronauts

We also train our clients to improve their ability to focus and their cognitive skills, such as working memory.  We use the Play Attention system, a highly acclaimed program used by NASA to train astronauts how to keep focused after many hours of boring and tedious tasks.  In the same vein, we train our clients using specific brain games and a special armband that uses the brain signal to move items on a screen.  The future is here, and focus training can be performed at your convenience in your home, office, or school. 

We take pride in teaching our clients how to learn to live better. Your accomplishments are Our accomplishments. We look forward to helping you or a member of your family soon. Call us for a free chat at 516-984-9365.

Breakthrough individualized education with 1-to-1 organizing techniques and tools to mentor high school and college students as well as adults.

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