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College Student 

While conducting a mock job interview with my college client, I asked him how he would describe himself to the Employer who would be interviewing him. He responded,

I am a developmentally disabled person and I do the best I can.

My jaw dropped and I blurted out, “what are you saying?” “You are graduating from a dual curriculum college, you successfully mentored other students with a similar disability as yours, and you have accomplished so much, DESPITE your developmental disability”. He smiled at my description of him and when we repeated the mock interview a week later, he sat up tall in his seat and slowly and succinctly stated with a sparkle in his eye and with much pride, “ I am graduating from a dual curriculum in college, I have successfully mentored students who share my disability and I have accomplished much despite my ADHD”.

Never underestimate a person with a developmental disability! With proper guidance and organizing techniques the sky can be their limit.

Recent studies statistically prove that intervention during early childhood has had a huge impact on the lives of children with ADHD and ED as they grow. However, for those students who fell below the radar or were incorrectly diagnosed often face complications in their ability to start and finish tasks. This problem continues throughout their school years and into their Adult life.

Many parents unknowingly thought their child’s issues would work themselves out with age and maturity. Years later, we now know that this line of thinking was incorrect. As Students get older, they find themselves unable to cope. Despite the fact that many often perform well on tests at school is not an indicator that all is fine. Too often they rely on their great memories and perform well as a result, however, this method of ‘passing’ school will not help them when they face the rigorous day to day demands of life.

Without possessing an education that fits their individualized needs, many students will find themselves in a vicious cycle of failed attempts at success, frustration and low self-esteem.

The combination is a major concern to Health Care Professionals.

Our college student required an individualized program to teach him essentials for success during and after his College years. There was no quick fix, but through our program we offered him augmented lessons and taught him how to apply one lesson to another. He couldn’t relate well to time and easily got distracted. We provided him with a tool to remind him of his time sensitive appointments and introduced cueing to help him reduce his distractions.

He told us that his life has become more productive and he is excited to be graduating college earlier than he expected.

We helped this student debunk the barriers of his procrastination and helped him to accomplish complicated goals such as studying for several tests and writing a report which were all due in a short period of time.

By incorporating mindfulness and envisioning techniques helped him comfortably see each step in the process of implementation. We taught him how to reduce his anxiety/hyperactivity through breathing exercises.

He often mentioned how happy he was to use the pause methodology to calm himself down before his hyperactivity escalated.

There were many methods utilized to ensure integration of our lessons for long-term life skills. While we were teaching him, he inspired us!

With a twinkle in his eye and with his huge smile he said, “You teach me the best golden rules to live by.”

By understanding the whole of the student, we incorporate appropriate lessons to help them live life better!

Breakthrough individualized education with 1-to-1 organizing techniques and tools to mentor high school and college students as well as adults.

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