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Neuro Change Method™

Neuro Change Method™

Certified as a Neuro Change Practitioner, OrganizeU4Life helps strengthen the brain’s neuro pathways with the principles of the Neuro Change Method™, which takes a person deep into the neuroscience of change.  It provides an understanding of the conscious mind’s power to influence the mechanisms of the subconscious mind to go to work for you in everyday life to reach your personal best.  

Using concepts such as purpose, flow state, beliefs, growth mindset, consciousness, emotional intelligence, and through neuroplasticity, OrganizeU4Life introduces emerging practices to help a person change their behaviors, emotional state and achieve their aspirations. 

This evidence-based education incorporates the very latest research from the mind sciences of neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy and is essential to help you approach transformative changes in your life.

OrganizeU4Life’s unique program is customized to meet your individual needs.  In most cases it begins with the use of a FOCUS assessment to see how inattention is affecting your daily ability to function. 

The interpretation of the FOCUS assessment ascertains the best blend of education utilizing tools such as the Neurocognitive Training or teachings of the principles of the Neuro Change Method™, which includes the M.E.E.T. method, Monitor your Thinking, Evaluate your Emotional Intelligence then, Transform Yourself or a combination of methodologies.

M.E.E.T. Yourself

Monitor your Thinking, Evaluate your Emotional Intelligence, Then, Transform Yourself.

High School students, college students, adults, seniors, neurotypical, neuroatypical, and people from all walks of life and professions seek Debbie’s exceptional mentoring education.

Debbie’s favorite part about being a mentor is the moment she first catches her clients smiling when they recognize the positive, productive transformation that they made in their lives.  Their self-confidence and well-being increases as a result.  

“The brain you are born with is not the brain you have to die with. Learn how to transform yourself to reach your personal best.”

We offer products and services to assess and improve your focus.


Breakthrough individualized 1-to-1 education introducing goal-achieving actions by putting the subconscious mind to work resulting in mastering one’s organizing, focus, cognitive, self-regulation skills for a life-transformative change.

Rates: $155.00 per session
Available for all high school and college students as well as all adults.


Breakthrough individualized education with 1-to-1 organizing techniques and tools to mentor high school and college students as well as adults.

Rates: $155.00 per session

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