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What Is an Organizing Mentor?

An Organizing Mentor teaches, advises and mentors clients to make changes that provide positive growth. Our program is geared for different challenges and we encourage people to ask us if we can help them in an area that might not be mentioned in our literature.

  • Daily/Weekly schedules
  • Master task & time management skills
  • Achieve daily goals
  • Be productive, efficient & effective
  • Reduce distraction & stop procrastination
  • Study habits/Work habits
  • Increase Grades & Working Memory
  • Reduce Impulsivity

Don’t know how to start a task and procrastination becomes an obstacle?

We will show you what it takes to eliminate procrastination. By teaching you how to create a ‘real’ schedule, one that takes into consideration your real time and your capability you will achieve your goals.

Is it difficult for you to compose a paragraph or a story?

That could reflect poor sequencing skills, understanding what happens next.  Our program includes modules to teach paragraph building and furthermore if you have reports, a test, or simply can’t keep up in class, we teach study habits that can be applied to many applications throughout your journey in life.  

Are you struggling to keep up at work?

Let us show you how to manage your time and prioritize your tasks so that you succeed at work

Do you find that you go from 1 – 100 in seconds?

Our breathing lessons relax you and we teach you the concept of ‘pause’, the ability to stop yourself from escalating into full hyperactivity or an anxiety attack.  These are tough issues to deal with on a daily basis.

Do you have a burning desire to learn how to control your challenges instead of letting your challenges control you?

Learn to manage YOUR life’s day-to-day challenges with the added bonus of a non-medicinal approach that works whether you take medicine or not.

We put YOU back in the driver’s seat and hand you the controls to your life with every lesson we provide.

We work with people from five years of age to Adults.

Organizing Mentors progressively and gradually teach Adults and children what they need to know at a pace that fits them.

Once a person is ‘ready’ (understanding the building blocks of each lesson) then they better absorb what they have learned and in turn can implement the new behavior. It takes repetitive lessons and different forms of teaching methodologies, (such as using visuals or cues) to make sure that a person is fully engaged in a lesson.

Each person faces their own individual challenge.

The Client Who's Never On Time

Our client negatively dealt with being late for over 20 years…
… and within six months of working with us he made this change.
We had one client who never showed up on time. We were able to decrease his tardiness from ten minutes to two minutes. If you are thinking that this isn’t perfect, then we want to explain how perfect should only be based on the individual and not as compared to someone else.

The Child Who Woke Up Sad

He was very sad every day and all day...
Then there was a client of ours, a child of 7 years age. He was very sad every day and all day. When working with him we discovered his stressors. Removing these stressors was not a simple task, but once they were eliminated, he said to us,

“Now I will wake up happy every day”.

Nothing beats knowing that we can bring smiles to our clients and see their genuine happiness with their own accomplishments.

What is your challenge?

Let us turn your sense of failure into triumphs.

Call us and set up your consultation and learn to live better!

Breakthrough individualized education with 1-to-1 organizing techniques and tools to mentor high school and college students as well as adults.

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