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Play Attention

Play Attention is the world’s #1 neurofeedback brain game system to improve attention, behavior, and cognitive function for ADHD children and adults.

The difference between “cognitive games” that say they will make your brain better because of “neuroplasticity” and Play Attention is best described by research conducted from Tufts University School of Medicine:

  • Cognitive training did not produce any significant changes in ADHD students. Play Attention made significant changes in that same study.
  • Students who underwent brain training games (cognitive training) required increases in medication. Play Attention students did not.
  • Play Attention students maintained their significant gains even after the researchers came back 6 months later to test them once again.

How We Help

  • Customized Plan
  • Improve Executive Functions through Advanced Technology
  • Behavioral Shaping
  • Teaching Life Organizing Skills Using One-to-One Individualized Lessons with an Organizing Mentor!

Breakthrough individualized education with 1-to-1 organizing techniques and tools to mentor high school and college students as well as adults.

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